Sunday, May 8, 2011

Trying so hard!

My little princess is getting so big! I remember with Kamden I couldn't wait for him to do new things! I was always working with him to sit up on his own, to crawl and then to walk. Everything was new and exciting and it was so fun seeing him grow! With Blakely I just want her to stay little! She didn't sit up on her own until after 6 months and at 9 months she has yet to even come close to mastering crawling. And I love it! The longer she is a baby the better! Each new phase is so fun, but a piece of me is so sad that she is getting big. Since I don't really want to encourage crawling yet (partly cuz once she is mobile I may as well kiss my life goodbye and partly cuz I'm not ready for her to grow up) she has decided to take it upon herself to learn...At this point she has figured out how to go backwards but doesn't realize why she is getting farther away from what she wants rather than closer :) She gets so mad when she is trying to get something but she is pushing away from it haha. Here is a little video I took today of her doing it...I kinda can't believe I'm posting it because she doesn't have a bow on her head! But in my defense we had just gotten home from church (where she DID have a bow on) and she was a sweaty mess after taking a long nap in her car seat, so I had taken off her cute shirt and bow to cool her off.

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  1. Amen to that whole post...please stop growing, babies! Gosh! Grayson's doing the same backwards scoot. So funny!